R&D Service

TECH Development

① Pharmaceutical process development services

◆ strictly comply with the customer's requirements on the project time node and work quality

◆ strictly follow the guiding principles of SFDA drug process development

◆ provide "one-stop" process R & D and development services:

◆ route design, process development, process optimization, amplification and handover, impurity research, quality standard research, and assistance in registration and Application

◆ customized synthesis: synthesis of reference compounds from mg to kg

◆ compounds for structure-activity relationship study

◆ Reference compounds

◆ special chemical synthesis, such as asymmetric synthesis and chemical separation

② Custom synthesis service

◆ provide diversified and flexible customized services according to customer requirements

▶ Compound customization with complex structure

▶ Drug impurity identification and custom synthesis

◆ fully meet the customer's requirements for sample delivery time and quality

◆ cooperate with customers to confirm the structure of relevant certification (CMA)

◆ provide structural confirmation report meeting customer requirements

③ Pharmaceutical Chemistry

◆ synthesis and confirmation of HTS active compounds

◆ mother core design and improvement

◆ lead compound optimization

◆ achieve the toxicity and safety pharmacological data indicators of the drug to rodents through structural modification

◆ search for clinical candidate drugs with the most ideal physicochemical properties and drug properties through structural modification

◆ research on synthesis process chemistry / amplification preparation

◆ patent application

◆ customized cooperation scheme according to customer requirements

④ Solutions to specific problems

◆ solutions for specific process steps: actively communicate and solve the reaction defects that are difficult to solve in the process.

◆ API quality problem solution: improve the quality of intermediates or API through technological means.

◆ cost problem solution: reduce reaction steps, reduce intermediate or API production costs, and improve product competitiveness.

◆ patent circumvention solution: form new innovation points at the lowest cost to ensure the rationality of the production process


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